While mass meetings in these covid times are not common, if you are having an event that brings people together, and you don’t want to bring them too together. Using QR codes and a phone app may be a way of keeping people a bit more distanced when they arrive at your event.

Head over to https://attendme.eventus.io/login

Click on Create an Account

Complete the details and click save

This will take you to the Events Page

Click on New Event at the bottom

Complete the Event Fields

Note: the Logo needs to be a square for some reason.

Click on Show More

Enter any text you want to show up on the AttendMe app when the person registers on the mobile app, maybe something around social distancing and covid restrictions.

Click On Save

You will now get taken to the Event Console
Click on Open QR Code

You will see a printable QR Code for the event open in a new page (see the printer icon in the top right)

If you go back to the Event screen on the previous tab

Click on the Link “Click here to read our quick guide”
This will open the instructions to get everything working

Step Two covers the App installation,

Install the Mobile App

On your phone open


In a browser

This page will open, and click on the app for your mobile to take to the right app store.

Once the App is installed

When the person opens the app, the top button is Edit profile, they will need to add a photo, fill out name, email, under Extra Detail 1 maybe add the ticket number they booked under?

You can track up to 5 “Extra Details” if needed, and you’ve asked attendees to add during an event.

Doing this means you get on the site dashboard a list of who checked in.

Which you can also export this data from the site


This is a nice, quick, cheap method of keeping track of attendees at an event.

By davidfield

Tech Entusiast