A good note taking app is a thing of beauty. Finding a good not taking app can be difficult as its a very personal workflow thing.

I’ve used various over the years from the heavy hitters like Evernote or OneNote to the lighter weight like Google Keep.

I stumbled over Bundled Notes by accident and am liking what i’m using

Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes is supported on Android with IOS, Mac and Windows variants planned. It is also supported as a web application which is very well thought out.

There is a basic free Android app version, the subscription opens up access to the Web application. This is one of those projects which seems to be the love of a single or a small close knit group of developers and personally i’ve subscribed as i’ve found value in it.

What can Bundled Notes do?

Bundled Notes has a range of productivity, note-taking, and organisation features. The premise is simple: you create different ‘bundles’ to solve different problems. Bundles are like notebooks in other applications, but with a greater range of unique configuration. For example, you could have one bundle be for basic notes like Google Keep, one bundle for a project with boards of information and organised data, and another for neatly categorised recipes. Combined with a reminders system, to-do functionality, powerful tags and a rich text editor, the possibilities of bundles are near endless.

It is much more than just a note taking app in some respects but lets take a look at a few of the features. I’ve used screen shots from the web app however the functionality is available on both the Web and the Android App.


The Bundles which the service is named after are essentially a method to group notes of any format and are displayed down the left hand side bar.

There is no limit to the number of Bundles available..

Clicking on the + sign at the top of the left hand side bar will create a new Bundle

Clicking on Create does just that..

What can we do with the Bundle?


I found the first thing to setup was the tagging, which can help identify notes and is one way to make searching for notes simpler

A Simple Tag can be created by clicking next to the + next to ALL within the Bundle

At its basic level to create a tag all that needs to be done is to give it a name and click on create.

Clicking on the colour bar provides the option to give the tags different colours which as we will see later can reflect on how notes are displayed.

A nice feature is the ability to add the complete action to a note, as shown here, I now have a tag which if selected will mark the note red, mark as complete and archive the note away. I could also have it swap to use other tags within my archived notes should I wish.

Having created the tags they appear at the top of the main bundle screen.

I’ve also set the Example 1 tag to be a default tag for all notes in this bundle

To edit the Tag hover over it and the pencil icon will appear allowing editing of the tag.


Adding new notes requires clicking on the + circle in the bottom left o fthe screen

New Notes can be freeform or Markdown text as with the example below.

Once the note is complete we can tag it with the tages we created earlier

This ends up with a list of notes tagged which are searchable.

This is the basics


Now the notes are visable in the Bundle, the layout can be changed to reflect your personal preference.

This can be done within a Bundle by clicking on the Layout Icon at the top

The layout can then be changed to Card (Default) Grid or Compact


I didn’t see much difference between Card and Compact

Swapping the layout to Grid changes the appearence as below.

The notes can be changed to the colour of the first tag applied to the note

For the more visually challenged among us the colour palet can be “enhanced” to be even more obvious.

Its possible to sort your nots as well, on Todo Lists I do this by Date and tag

Its all well and good keeping lots of notes, if you cant find them its a bit pointless. Within Bundled Notes the ability to search (at time of writing) within a bundle.

Select the Bundle

As you type in the search term the notes will reduce in number as more of the search term is typed in.

Kanban Board

For me this was the killer feature of an already nice to use service. A basic Kanban style board for planning projects means i can drop a seperate app and keep this information all within this service.

To turn a group of existing notes into a board is simply click on Baords in the menu

This will bring up a Popup to Enable Boards

Once Enabled you’ll see the layout of the Bundle turn into a familiar Kanban style layout.

We can either add swimlanes based on the tags we created or manually, also a default swimlane for new tasks can be selected

This then presents us with a nice board layout

To move notes between boards there are two methods

Either drag and drop the note, doing this will move the note bt may not change the tag as you expect

Or head into the note, deselect the tag for the swimlane the note is currently in and select the swimlane the note should now be in. this will also move the note.

While it’s no Trello, it is a good way of Managing small projects or todo / priority lists.

As an example this is my active board fro dealing with my Home lan setup.

Reminders (Phone App)

Not at the time of writing a feature in the eb interface the Android app includes Remnders. Reminders can be applied to notes as 1 off reminders, recurring reminders or permanent reminders.

What i’d like to see

While i write this section I remind myself this is a small project, which although I have funded personally isn’t probably replacing this creators salary right now. I’m also aware the creator has official channels for this.

These are just obesrvations as nice to haves

Connections to other apps

I can see the creater isn’t a fan of Google Keep, however it would be bice to see Bundled Notes have some deeper links into Nextcloud or even Google Assistant where use of voice to notes would be huge. IFTTT type connectivity would be interesting as well

Full search across Bundles

The search works great, i love it I’d just like to see it run across every bundle so I didn’t need to remember which Bundle i’d put a note in (if it does this now, i can’t find it)

Make the search a Bundle

The ability to Turn the above search into a “Smart Bundle” would be nice.

Parting Thoughts

I love this service, its well presented, I love how the developer has put up a web interface quickly to make it usable across multiple platforms. I don’t see it as being expensive. I hope the creator keeps going with it and gets some help.

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