Coming from a Linux background to the ChromeOS environment, my transition has been quite an easy one. Today however I found myself in a bit of a pickle..

How do I burn an ISO to a USB stick?

I wanted to install Proxmox on a server, I can do it from my Mac, however this seemed like a pleasent challenge and as it rurns out, not as difficult as i thought.

My original thinking was to install onto the Linux partition and then map the USB key over to the Linux container.. the solution however was much more refined and simple.

Download the ISO file you wish to burn to a USB and rename it from <filename>.iso to <filename>.bin


Assumption is that as the chrome recovery files end in .bin this is what the app looks for it will see .zip and .bin files

There is a Chromebook Recovery Utility available on the Chrome Web Store

Chromebook Recovery Utility
Create recovery media for your Chromebook.

Once installed the App is opened

Click on the Settings Cog in the top right

This provides several options

Select Use Local Image

You wll then be asked to select the renamed iso (to .bin) file you downloaded earlier

Once this is opened you will be prompted for the device to write to.

The App will confirm this is the right device to write to

Clicking on Create Now will start the writing process to the USB device you selected.

Once written you have your ISO (Linux, Windows, VMware, ProxMox tested) written to the USB Drive

And i’m done

Native writing of ISO’s to USB Drives from within Chrome.

By davidfield

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