I’m all in with ChromeOS, I run it on 2 devices one a Laptop the other a Tablet. Generally I think its a pretty polished experience however there are a few niggles I’d love the ChromeOS team to sort out..


There are spelling mistakes in this, the grammar is poor. Sorry

Before moving forward its important to know I’m not just blogging about Bugs in ChromeOS I’ve also logged some of these as issues

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My Issues

As i’ve written these up whats interesting is, if you use ChromeOS on a laptop configuration you will probably never see some of these as they are related to the tablet setup.

When using terminal with virtual keyboard the text scrolls under the virtual keyboard

In tablet mode with the onscreen keyboard if i run a command with long output it scrolls under the onscreen keyboard

If i press the button to make the onscreen keybaord disapper then tap back in the terminal to bring the onscreen keyboard

The prompt appears again

The onscreen keyboard doesn’t work with Linux applications.

As a heavy user of things like VSCode, OnlyOffice and Termius its great to have these as Icons on my ChromeOS desktop and when I’m on the “traditional” layout with a keyboard and a mouse these work great

Turn to tablet mode however and its a very different matter as Linux apps don’t (CHOS89) support the Onscreen keyboard.

This was pitched to be fixed in M79

No tab key on the onscreen keyboard

This is the onscreen keyboard I see on the HP Chromebook X2 running ChOS89 in stable.

No tab key, again for most of my use this isn’t a problem, hwever in a linux shell the lack of autocomplete is a pain.

Up and down arrows on virtual keyboard

Also as I’m looking at the onscreen keyboard, there are no arrow keys, this makes again using many apps and especially Linux a pain.

How could this be fixed?

On the Android apps JuiceSSH and Termius there is a bar across the top of the virtual keyboad which adds these “essential” items.

Before any smart alec comments, if Linux apps in tablet mode don’t launch because they don’t support the virtual keyboard, then no i cant use the inbuilt keyboard for termius

Virtualbox support

I’m using Virtualbox as its my personal preference however this is my “nice to have” on the list, right now its not an issue as i’m lucky o have a home lab and plenty of kit to test things out on. At some point however it would be gret to see Virtualbox or VMWare Player run on ChromeOS.

While the enterprise version on the right hardware supports Parallels this from what i can tell isn’t run natively on the device. (Tell me if i’m wrong) and even if it is the limitations are many due to an approved Enterprise hardware list.

From a test perspective its a nice to have and as upper end machines start to get some faily beefy specs it cannot be too far off to mae this a thing?

Automate the backup of Linux containers

Just having the ability to backup the Linux container is a big thing and one i applaud Google for adding so quickly. I’d love to see the next step to be either automated backups on a schedule and/or a backup button not hidden so many menus deep so maybe an extention in the browser..

While the Linux container has become more and more stable, having lost a few for various reasons early days I’m incredibly anal when it comes to backing this up. Its also helpful being able to restore on multiple devices if needed.

Have myfiles/linux be the same thing

Again, this is a personal workflow issue.

What i’d love to see is the home folder in ChromeOS be the Home Folder when i open a Linux Container, so I don’t need to copy files into “Linux Files” or remember to go to /mnt/chromeos… and copy the files over.

If this mapping was somehow sme rights that would be amazing, and provided as an ption when I create the container like the size of the container so that peple who don’t want this don’t have to have it.

Use 2 Google Accounts in the File Manager

Within the browser if i click n my account avatar for my google account I can switch to my Google Workspace account. I can do this in Mail, Photos, Drive etc and its nice.

What i’d love to be able to do in Files is view both my Google and my Google Workspace drive at the same time.

I’m aware I can switch between the sites in the browser, however as I’ve mounted several other services in the files app, seeing multiple Google accounts would be great too.

Final Thoughts

So nothing earth shattering in there, mst of it are things peple not using tablets would ever know is an issue. Small issues in another wise solid product which is growing well.

I did also put a post up on Reddit for people to share thier papercuts

Papercuts in ChromeOS from chromeos

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