My spelling is abysmal, that’s a fact (remember those?) and as such this blog is riddled with Spelling errors. I’ve generally stated that it’s something that needs to just be accepted because I couldn’t get a spell checker working with Ghost.

Grammarly with Ghost
Allow Grammarly to work on Ghost’s editor

This changes today because I’ve found Grammarly for Ghost a plugin, which needs the Grammarly Chrome addon installed as well

Once installed and Grammarly is setup enable Grammarly for Ghost

Reload the page and bingo

Spell checked blogs

I was informed the following on Reddit

Hi, Be careful with Grammarly on work machines. Their ToS says they have full, transferable rights to everything you check with them. And they keep all of that for future reference. So it’s fine to use it to check a public post but less so a book, internal documents or things containing customer data.

However, for me, this plugin is a game-changer…

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