One of the things I love about the Chromebook is something the uninitiated knock, which considering what Microsoft is doing with Windows 11 is slightly ironic. As well as the great ChromeOS web-based, no-fuss interface Google has added access to Android Apps via the play store and a Debian based Linux shell.

Detractors say this is Google trying to bolt-on usefulness, which I guess with Windows Linux System and Amazon Android Apps isn’t at all what Microsoft are doing.

I spend a huge amount of time in the Linux shell in ChromeOS directly or indirectly by launching apps like VSCode or MailSpring.

Something I do a LOT is ssh onto the boxes on my home LAN, I use Termius for Linux (although i could quite easily use the Android app on the Chromebook too.

Termius – SSH platform for Mobile and Desktop
The #1 cross-platform terminal for Windows, macOS, Linus, iOS, and Android with built-in ssh client which works as your own portable server management system in any situation.

On a rare occasion I’ll ssh to something from the Linux shell in ChromeOS and I was thinking yesterday is there a bash based SSH Connection Manager

The answer to this is of course there is this is Linux.

The answer for me was nccm

GitHub – flyingrhinonz/nccm
Contribute to flyingrhinonz/nccm development by creating an account on GitHub.

Install nccm

The Gitlab page covers in detail the setup and install of nccm, on my Chromebook i run the following:

  • Clone the project from the git repository: git clone nccm.git
  • cd nccm.git/nccm/
  • sudo install -m 755 nccm -t /usr/local/bin/

The ssh connections/config file nccm.yml should be copied to any one of the following locations, and is loaded from the first location found in the following order:

  • ~/.config/nccm/nccm.yml
  • ~/.nccm.yml
  • ~/nccm.yml
  • /etc/nccm.yml

Then edit the nccm.yaml, it’s filled with a lot of options which I kept in place and changed the

# connections configs:mychat.lan:  address:  comment: Rocket Chat  user: davidmymedia.lan:  address:  comment: Plex  user: davidmyjumpbox.lan:  address:  comment: Jumpon point  user: david

I’ve got passwordless SSH setup on the Chromebook to the remote sites  

SSH Passwordless Login Using SSH Keygen in 5 Easy Steps
In this example we will setup SSH password-less automatic login from server as user michele to with user frankie.

Once the nccm.yml is updated run from the command line


The ncurses interface then displays

0     mychat.lan          david@     Rocket Chat1     mymedia.lan         david@     Plex2     myjumpbox.lan       david@      Jumpon point

Press the number of the box you want to ssh to and the connection is made.

OK, so it takes a little to set up, if you’ve to a few machines it can save some time later…

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