I’ve looked at several methods of getting the videos on YouTube into a podcast app, something I’d have thought would be simple but seems to not be. This is a shame because YouTube has some great curated content but a terrible interface (on Web, Google TV or Android) for keeping up with it.

The last example I blogged here.

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Technology, that fast moving train of innovation and improvement, always pushing forward to give us more of what we want.. Actually, some of the most used technologies today are in IT terms ancient. Email was “invented” around 1978 and is still the primary platform for written communication no matte…

The answer it seems doesn’t need a convoluted backend as interesting as it was to set this up. It needs


Listen and publish YouTube shows as podcasts
Listenbox provides an easy way to play YouTube in the background using any podcast app

The process is very quick and easy, setup a free account

Head over to youtube and find a creator you want to follow in your podcast app.

Copy the URL for the YouTube content

In the ListenBox web interface past the YouTube URL into the Shows -> Add New and click Add

ListenBox will then generate a list of podcastable content from what it finds on the link

Clicking on the relevant podcast type will present the known available list of  podcast apps this can be published too.

Listenbox keeps a list of the Youtube shows you’ve added through it.

I put together this video showing this workflow on an Android phone



Listenbox provides an easy way to play YouTube in the background using any podcast app

The pricing is pretty fair if this is something you’ll really be using.


I’ve spent on and off a lot of time working out how to do this as I live out of PcketCasts when I’m travelling for podcasts and listening, having the youtube content available in that app to quickly view is leaps and bounds better than the Youtube interface.

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